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"R V Insurance Coverage plans"
 Our recreational vehicle insurance and travel trailer insurance coverages  offer the following selections
Total loss replacement
During the first five model years you own your rV, if there is ever a total loss we will replace it with a new and comparable model.
Disappearing deductible
For each consecutive claim-free year, your recreational vehicle insurance deductible is reduced by 25 percent.
Full-timer’s coverage
we provide personal liability coverage for those living full-time in their rvs (considered at least five months out of the year).
Vacation liability protection
Liability coverage for losses when using your rv for vacation purposes.
Personal possessions
Your personal property such as cameras, bicycles, clothing, tools, housewares, etc., is fully covered and replaceable
Towing and roadside assistance
We provide reimbursement for towing your rV to the nearest authorized service location.
Increased liability protection
We offer liability limits up to $1 million for injuries or damages where you are personally liable.
Discounts discounts discounts!
We offer discounts for club/association members, Safe-Driver Courses, CDL licenses, and anti-theft devices.
 Additional rV specialty protection
  +   emergency expense coverage
     +   Utility trailer coverage
     +   Tow dolly coverage
     +   Golf cart coverage
     +   Valuable personal property coverage
     +   Secured storage coverage
     +   Qualified business use
     +   Qualified stationary use
Please call us at  1-800-759-6321 for more details
Our hours of operation are
monday through friday
from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
We will  courteously answer any questions you have about RV insurance coverages and options